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On our Radically (a)Parent podcast we discuss the experiences of parenthood that are often overlooked or less explored out in the open. When our stories are heard, and we understand the stories of others, we all feel more connected and less alone. Let's bring these lesser acknowledged experiences into the light for greater awareness.

Feb 23, 2018

Join host Stacey Lindgren for a conversation with Emily, who went through back to back miscarriages prior to the birth of her daughter. Topics covered include giving birth in a foreign country, working from the road while pregnant and traveling partners.

Emily says:

"Then I took a really long break and I tried to get back to where I could put myself in that emotionally vulnerable place to hope again." 

Miscarriage Resources


Still Birthday: Resources regarding pregnancy loss for both parents and birth professionals. 

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: Provides photography services for stillbirth and infant loss.

Faces of Loss: A place to share your story and connect with others who have survived loss.

Compassionate Friends: An organization that provides in person support groups for bereaved parents.

Loss Doulas International: Certifies doulas to support during miscarriage or stillbirth and afterwards.

Midwives Coping With Loss and Grief: A book for midwives about miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death.

Still Standing Magazine: A resource for parents.

Mending Invisible Wings: A creative workbook for those working through pregnancy loss. Also recommended for birth professionals dealing with vicarious grief.

SHARE Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support: Offers support groups and resources for families surviving a loss.

The Miss Foundation: Counseling, advocacy, research and education for grieving families.